MamaCITA Artists

A Mothers' Cooperative in the Arts

What is MamaCITA?

MamaCITA is an award-winning Cooperative in the Arts that provides its members a collective voice within the art world. All members are professional artists and all are mothers.
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MamaCITA’s mission is to support each member in reaching her full artistic potential. Together members plan and execute art exhibitions, teach workshops, display gallery work in varied venues, and support social change and philanthropic causes.

MamaCITA members are…

...accomplished artists AND- authors, educators, business owners, art editors, international workshop leaders, designers, curriculum developers, jewelers, painters, photographers, muralists, web developers and bloggers.

Newest MamaCITA News

Dyeing To Breathe Out

Posted by on Aug 24, 2014

I take a deep breath in May. June gives some clues and teasers to keep me holding. By July, my eyes are bulging! August and September, ahhhhhhhhhh…

- by Megan Greenholt

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Member Kimberly Mehler creates mural for Abington High School music room

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014

Glenside News Globe Times Chronicle- by Jarreau Freeman MamaCITA member Kimberly Mehler on her mural theme: “Music is not just a gift we give ourselves, but is one that we share with everyone around us,” she said....

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Drum Roll Please…

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014

MamaCITA has had one great year!

To celebrate we’re rolling out a brand new website. Come on in an look around as we continue updating our member portfolio pages.

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